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Hello and Welcome to Guardians Of Relentless Gods [GORG]!!!

If your looking to join the guild you can follow these steps:
Message a guild member in game (if you know of one)
Apply online (I will be notified and will send u an invite in game)

If you are looking to join the guild go a head and fill out an "application." Its not much of an application, its mainly just way to understand what your looking to get out of the game and guild. Don't worry about being accepted based on the answers, it is only for the purpose of Making Guild Events the type of thing that players would be interested, and trying to figure out best times to hold these events.

So if you are an existing member of the guild go a head and join the site, please keep your user name respectful, and if you wouldn't mind (this is not mandatory though it does make things easier) making your user name one of your IGNs or similar to an IGN.
Guild News

EVENT and new guild bank rules

EmpGorg, Sep 5, 12 3:50 PM.
Our First Event is Today at 9 PM PST. We will be grouping up and conquring some WvW!  Everyone who wants to come should be in vent, even if u dont have a mic, atleast you will be able to hear us, so if u have not please download vent, it is FREE!!!  LET HAVE SOME FUN AND KICK SOME ASS!!!

Im Scedualing a PvE run of the Ascalon Catacomes.  I will bring this up in game, and talk to members to see what times work better.
Also the Guild bank will be open for members to use at will.  but if i find that its being abused I will change it back to only officers can pull stuff out, so please dont rob the guild bank. Once we get a Teasure Cove i will have this set to only be accessable by guild officers, this will be the place to put stuff that are more rare and we wana make sure its going to someone who needs it.

Guild Bank

EmpGorg, Sep 2, 12 10:54 PM.
We got our guild bank up and running!
For security reasons only officers are allowed to withdrawl from the guild bank, if you need somthing from it just inform an officer and we will most likely grab it for u and mail u the item (some restrictions are going to apply).

Now that we have the guild bank up, I ask we make a form and vote as to what we should be spending the guild points on next!
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